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Lloyd Lumber Company

Lloyd Lumber was founded in 1946 by Robert Lloyd. In 1947, Alden “Bud” Bertrand joined the organization and served in many capacities. From being a truck driver and clerk to drafting and manager, he eventually becoming the president. Bud Bertrand progressed swiftly.

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In 1984, Bud Bertrand purchased Lloyd Lumber from Bob Lloyd. At that time, the company consisted of a truss manufacturing operation in North Mankato managed by Barry Bertrand, and a retail lumberyard in downtown Mankato managed by Mike Bertrand.

In 1989, they consolidated the operation to the North Mankato location. Since then, there has been numerous expansions and remodels to accommodate the growth that the company has seen over the years.

We're dedicated to our customers and employees

“The thought then, as it is now, was to build a company based on quality and service. Those are the same ideals that we hold dear to us today, and those are the reasons why we’re still here today.


As owners, we realize that success isn’t measured by any bottom-line number, or some end-of-the-year financial statement. It’s also measured by our customer loyalty or customer satisfaction; our employee loyalty and satisfaction.”

Mike Bertrand


“We owe the success of the company to our good employees, our loyal customers, and we appreciate it all."

- Kathleen Bertrand


The Bertrands view their employees as part of their family. Of the company’s current employees, the majority have been with the comany for more than 15 years. Furthermore, more than 90% of all the employees have been promoted within the company.

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Building Friends on Commerce Drive